The Transcendence Guide welcomes you.

We do that which inspires, educates and challenges peoples perceptions of spirituality, transcendence and personal evolution using shamanistic practises brought into the 21st century.

The universe has one purpose and that is to evolve, that is what motivates and drives all life. So as part of that universe to find fulfilment people need to strive for continued evolution. Each evolutionary step a transcendence to another level of understanding and consciousness.

Water that does not flow becomes stagnant and poisoned, so it is with life. We need to let our life flow to our individual destinies.


Transcendence is about self empowerment and transforming your life through self realisation and understanding. The methods might be ancient, but they are also timeless.

So many people go through their lives carrying heavy burdens that they do not need to carry, it does not have to be that way. With a little education and a willingness to open their minds they can transform their lives casting off that burden. In these pages we can only hope to inspire people to embrace a more positive and fear free future. By understanding the way nature and the body work at energy and vibratory levels you can heal and empower your body, mind and spirit.

Using self healing you can heal yourself of injuries and illnesses, but self healing has a greater role than just healing the body it can heal our lives.

We may be fit and healthy but our lives can still lack fulfilment, this is what Self Healing is really about. Through self understanding and balancing body, mind and spirit we can achieve greater states of fulfilment in our lives. To shine as the person we truly are we need to overcome the fear and programming.

Join in the conversation, share experiences but above all open your mind to the learning experience. No one can tell you your truth, but we can help you become receptive to finding it. The guide is not here to tell you what you should believe or what religion/philosophy you should follow, these are all man made structures that put limitations on our true potential. The true Transcendent will find his own truth through experiencing, knowledge and enlightened understanding.  Yes there has to be a structure or framework to our thoughts and ideas, but it has to be adaptable enough to assimilate new ideas and experiences.

(This page was originally and is an evolution of the Healing Way.)

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