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What was once true, remains true?

August 21, 2018

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October 23, 2017

 Fear is our greatest block.


Fear manifests in many ways:

Of change.
Of failure.
Of people.
Of the unknown.

Of our environment.


We are born without fear, it is something that we learn and how much it effects us is based on our psychological make up. In this world there are people who seem to lack any form of fear and those who are afraid of their own shadow. But it can be conquered by understanding where it comes from and by having the will to overcome it.


As I have said fear is learnt, the first time we put our hand in a flame as a child we feel pain and we learn to fear the flame because of the pain. Or somebody tells us that if we put our hand in the flame we will feel pain. Either way we have learnt to fear flame whether by experience or by programming, so it is with many things in our lives. As we go through life each thing we experience adds to our programming, good or bad. The present is the sum of our past experiences and the more fears we have learned the less free we are to express ourselves and enjoy life.


Our emotional experiences in life and the experiences we see in other peoples lives all add to the fear programming in our psyche. Most people will spend their lives avoiding putting their hands in a flame. Those that can overcome their fears will be those who look for a way of putting their hand in a flame without getting it burnt.


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