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What was once true, remains true?

August 21, 2018

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Fear of Commitment

November 1, 2017


We all have our inner fears derived from past experiences that we have never completely come to terms with.


I notice more and more in this modern age that one of the most common is the fear of commitment, not the dark or of failure. The world is now a much smaller and fluid place, not like the old world where commitment was enforced by social pressures.


Here in the western world we have witnessed over the last 40 years the erosion of long held conservative values, in itself not a bad thing. As society evolves so new ideas have to be taken on board so that the society can evolve and develop to a higher level. With this evolution there has been a centring on personal freedom and values, the downside to this is that many people start to fear commitment in case they get trapped and miss a further better opportunity.


What people don’t realise is by doing this they are pushing away what they are searching for. True creativeness, self expression and even true love requires a great deal of commitment from the individual. There are also those that gained their fear of commitment because of a past experience that has gone badly wrong and fear repeating their mistake.


In both cases these people should re-evaluate the reasons they are unable to commit to things in their lives. By facing up to their fears and understanding why they are there is the beginning of their destruction and the first steps to freedom from fear, the biggest enemy of a successful and happy life.


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