Once upon a time there was a big bang! Or so the story goes.

We know that it started to form patterns and combine to create ordered structures which in turn created their own outpourings of energy. What was once chaos has now become ordered, why?

While the scientists are arguing about who has the best hypothesis lets go back to a much older time when it was the effect that was studied not the particles. An old shaman would have described the beginning as an out pouring of chaos onto which order was placed by the ‘Great Spirit’ a common name for a consciousness that pervades all things. By studying the earth he knew that the same laws and effects were universal.

Every shaman has always known that the earth is a conscious entity that continually adjusts itself to the prevailing conditions and will do what is needed to maintain its equilibrium. Even some enlightened scientist’s have come to realise this, notably James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the 1970s who put forward the Gaia Hypotheses (now referred to as the Gaia Theory).

This Gaia consciousness that runs through the earth is the same consciousness that pervades the whole cosmos giving order to the chaos using its energies as the building blocks of the universe. Chaos in turns tries to express itself by overcoming the order placed on it and yes, the age old battle of light and darkness, good and evil explained. This tension expressed in the Yin and Yang of the Chinese and the Fire and Ice of the Vikings is something that needs to be understood if you are to transcend your limitations.

The same tensions that run through the cosmos run through each of us and the same evolutionary impulses that inspire the universe to expand run through each of us too. We in effect are governed by the same prime directives as the rest of the cosmos. We are just a small part of the holistic entity we call the cosmos, no more important and no more special than any other part of it. It was here long before we arrived and will be here long after we have departed.

How the cosmos started is conjecture based on scientific assumption and personal hypothesis. Not that I am decrying science, I have a scientific background and have no difficulty balancing it with my shamanistic philosophy. Indeed one fills the gaps in the other. After all, like life itself it is a matter of perspectives.

But back to the cosmos, there are no witnesses, no smoking guns just speculation based on current scientific understanding that will never be universally agreed upon. What we do know is that the cosmos is made of energy and chemical reaction/interaction and that its birth must have been a pretty traumatic occasion, big bang or not. An outpouring of raw uncontrolled energy spreading through nothingness, so why didn’t it run out of energy and just lay there floating in that nothingness and where did all that energy come from anyway?

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