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After many years working as a healer and Counsellor I eventually came to the realisation that I was healing the same people with the same recurring problems in a never ending circle.  I was curing them of the ailment by removing blocks and negativity but was not tackling the cause, their lifestyle and after a while the imbalance would return.

I realised I needed to adopt a new way of doing things and being much inspired by the old adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” the Transcendence Guide was born.

Instead of just healing the patient’s emotional, physical or spiritual ailment in the short term, I could help guide the person to find their inner self buried deep amongst their programming and fears. Thus empowering them to heal themselves.

Of course the human being can be inherently lazy and many would prefer someone to come along healing them, taking away their pain and leaving. So for the minority who feel there is more to life than they can currently achieve and feel the need to express their full potential there is the Transcendence Guide.

Transcendence does not happen at the flick of a switch, there is rarely a blinding flash of inspiration bringing total enlightenment. It is a journey that for most of us has to be made on a path that is not always easy, as in life. I cannot make that journey for anyone but I can act as a guide and travelling companion. The journey is a journey of discovery into areas of understanding that the traveller has no experience of, it is at these times a guide helps bring understanding, support and motivation during the trials you face.

Through the use of social media and modern technology we hope to inspire and support those who strive to achieve spiritual evolution and transcendence. By doing that which inspires, educates and challenges peoples perceptions of spirituality, transcendence and personal evolution.

Eamon Brooks D.D.
Hereditary Shaman, Healer and Spiritual Life Coach.

The Transcendence Guide is a not for profit entity. It is wholly supported by friends and supporters who have found its work beneficial to them and their journey. If you would like to show your support you can use the button below to make a donation. All money raised goes to maintaining and extending our various services. Thank You to all who have supported our efforts.

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