Transcend – verb (T) /trænˈsend/ formal
To go further, rise above, or be more important or better than something, especially a limit.

Each and everyone of us have within a tremendous potential to have a fulfilled and happy life. So, why don’t we all have a life of bliss?

Life is a very complex mechanism and it becomes even more complicated with personal interactions. The problem is that we spend so much time just trying to survive we never seem to have the time or energy to work on improving our lives and progress. In business they call it fire fighting, we are all fire fighters in our own little worlds and we are so focused on all these little fires that we fail to realise that most of our lives are not actually on fire!

If we took time to stand back and look at our world and ourselves and see the whole picture we could then see the transcending path we need to take.

Most people’s lives do not progress for only two reasons; Fear and Programming

Fear of change, of the unknown and of ourselves!

Don’t limit your life, transcend the barriers people, culture and society places on you.

Every event of our lives adds to our programming, every negative event and every positive event. Unfortunately pain can leave a greater impression on the psyche than pleasure so the negative events are the stronger in our programming, causing a negative spiral in many people’s lives. By not learning from each event in our lives we can add to the intensity of this spiral, equally by learning from experience and taking responsibility for each event we can add to the intesity of a positive spiral in our lives.

Our environment plays an important part too, those people who are surrounded by positivity in their lives generally find it much easier to rise in the world. A negative environment focusses you on that negativity and it sapps your positivity drawing you deeper in and away from personal empowerment.

Be free, learn to overcome fear and learn how to overcome your Programming. Take responsibility for your life define your personal empowerment, transcend!

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